Mitsubishi.Evo9 ARC

Once the Monster engine was dropped in it was up to ARC to fit their own products. To help the engine breather better an ARC Induction Box, which has the job of lowering intake temperature, was installed. Once the air has been squeezed by the TD05 it is passed to the ARC intercooler, which has been designed to maximize cooling without losing throttle response, which is generally what happens when large core intercoolers are used. A special titanium intercooler piping kit was added which features a cooling plate to further lower intake temperatures. This specific part has just hit the stores in Japan. Keeping the engine lifeblood cool is a side-mounted ARC oil cooler kit and a large core radiator. This is joined by the newest product to join the ARC range, their radiator valve system. This effectively takes care of venting the radiator in a far more precise fashion, and unlike regular radiator caps it can be adjusted to different pressures. Another new product is the hard piping for the radiator as well as an air-separator tank system. ARC went all out in trying to finish their engine bay to a show-car standard and parts like the sleek radiator top mounts and the engine cover make this one of the best looking and more colorful engine bays we have ever seen! To take a closer look at the ARC 憄iece-de-r閟istance?of this EVO 9 MR, we had to put the car on a hoist and take a close look underneath. Once you stop undressing the dual, twin-exit full-titanium exhaust system with your eyes and get up close and see the overall quality of workmanship, you really appreciate this company抯 skills when it comes to creating custom parts ?just look at those motorcycle-inspired rear silencers!