Tyre Dunlop Sport Z1

Not much info was released on Dunlop’s newest tire the Direzza Sport Z1 but with a 200 treadwear rating you can bet this tire is all about performance.
Direzza Sport Z1

New Rim Konig

This innovative and new design comes from the one and only Konig Wheels. Called the HotSwap this 5 spoke design is available in some radical colors and whats cooler is the spokes themselvKonig



Garrett Garrett
Chevy Cobalt LS and LT Turbo Kit

will be releasing their brand new Chevy Cobalt LS and LT Turbo Kit. It is engineered for the 2.2L Ecotec engine for the LS Coupe and sedan model years 2005 and above. A GT2860RS "Disco Potato" ball-bearing turbocharger and all of the necessary components are included to complete the installation in your own garage

Full Race

Made from robitiFull Race
WRX/STI T3 Turbo Manifold

cally TIG welded thick wall stainless steel, the Full Race turbo manifold is an equal length design incorporating divided pulse runners. Large gains can had through the entire RPM range with this manifold. It accepts T3 turbos such as GT30R, GT35R. Uses a 44mm Tial external wastegate

JUN - Group Tokyo Auto Salon

JUN-Group had exhibited at TOKYO AUTO SALON 2006 held in Makuhari Messe. We are very pleased for your visit at our JUN stand.

Monster Sport Tokyo Auto Salon

Tokyo Auto Salon 2006
On January 13th to 15th, the biggest tuning car & parts show "Tokyo Auto Salon 2006 with NAPC" was held at Makuhari Convention Center.

Monster Sport Japan has shown the latest development of the Lancer Evolution's engine 4G63 complete engines. Besides that inside parts such as pistons, connecting rod, crankshaft, ECU has been displayed. At the same time, we have announced the entering of the PWRC.

This year, we Monster Sport Japan will make the appeal of entering to a new world wide market.

America Cup GS Porsche 3 . 6L . 997

Phoenix, AZ (May 13, 2006) - The Marcus MotorSports car #49, a Porsche 3.6L 997, takes the checkered flag at the Grand American Cup GS race at Phoenix International Raceway. In preparation for Saturday抯 race, the Marcus MotorSports team spent 2 days at Evolution MotorSports?facility in Tempe. During that time, both cars underwent extensive diagnostic assessments resulting in computer calibrations by Garret Lim of GIAC to maximize the cars full potential. With GIAC抯 reliable tuning and Evolution MotorSports?V-Flow intake and tuning expertise, more measurable power was squeezed from the Marcus MotorSports #49 and #50 Porsche 997抯. This was accomplished by spending a day on each car, testing various setups to maximize power while maintaining reliability and fuel economy. Since the Grand American Cup is a very close series, every bit of HP counts.
Both Marcus MotorSports?cars have been running consistent top 10 finishes with the skillful driving of Darren Law, Brian Cunningham, Spencer Pumpelly and Andy Lally. Most recently one of the cars conquered a 3rd place finish at Virginia International Raceway on April 22, 2006, building the confidence of the race team.

On Friday, May 12th, car #49 driven by Pumpelly and Lally qualified first with the fastest lap time (1:08391) being nearly a half a second faster than the nearest competitor (1:08758). Meanwhile car #50 driven by Law and Cunningham qualified eighth with a time of 1:0937. With both cars tuned to perfection and with their pole and 8th positions, cars #49 and #50 were perched in favorable positions heading into Saturday抯 race.

Saturday抯 race began with car #49 on the pole. Car #49 was instantly off to a sizable lead posting the fastest time on lap #2. At that point the drivers were advised to stay conservative as the race is 200 miles and the car does not need to be pushed to the limits. The #49 car lead from flag to flag recording its first win in the Grand Am Cup series in 2006. Skilful driving from Pumpelly and Lally, combined with fantastic car prep from Marcus MotorSports, tuning & components from Evolution MotorSports and GIAC as well as a tremendous effort from the entire Marcus MotorSports crew all played apart in this victory.

Drivers Law and Cunnigham in car #50, was a contender for a top three finish, however, following a shifter cable problem, the car was forced to pit earlier than expected. Consequently, the car lost three laps while the problem was addressed. Despite the shifter cable problem, the car still succeeded in placing in the top 10, with a respectable 8th place finish.

For those not familiar with the Grand AM GS series, these cars have a factory Porsche 3.6L power plant. Surprisingly to some people, these track cars are actually the same as Porsche抯 996/997 street car, utilizing the same components and technology. The race teams are able to modify the car for driver safety, reduce weight and perform suspension modifications. The 997 cars have to run stock brakes and stock headers but they can modify the ECU, air box and muffler/catalysts. These cars are producing about 350 HP with the modifications that were performed. The EVO V-Flow intake System and GIAC software were used in the majority of the top running cars. The EVO V-Flow was installed on at least 7 of the top teams that ran in the event on Saturday.

The nine months that was spent developing the V-Flow intake system for 996/997 was clearly worth the time and effort. Our dedication to perfection and never settling for sub-par performance has lead to race teams choosing the EVO V-Flow intake system for their race cars and street cars. These race teams require a performance advantage and top race teams only use the best technology available such as EVO抯 V-Flow and GIAC抯 software. These same products are available for all 1999-2006 996 and 997 models.

Full Carbon GTR

GTR雖然身具一代名機RB26DETT,使其馬力有近乎無限的擴展潛力,但GTR沉重的車身卻為其輪胎、懸掛及制動系統帶來沉重的負擔,縱使馬力如何強大,在激烈操控時始終不夠靈活,因此相比於時下流行的2,000 c.c.Turbo四驅跑車,不論在山路抑或多彎的賽道上均缺乏優勢,故此若要令GTR的整體表現全面提升,最治本的方法只有減輕重量一途,而BNR32已是近三代GTR之中車重最為輕盈的一代,在偷輕過程中更為事半功倍,早於一年前為大家報導時這部GTR已進行了競賽化的偷輕工序,將全車所有與速度無關的組件全面拆除,如空調系統、Airbag、音響以至ABS 等輔助系統均一一廢除,再將所有可以拆下的車身組件全部改為碳纖維製品,今次更為此R32重新打造一身R34 GT500仕樣之車身組件,表面更特地施以啞面設計,強烈的戰鬥氣息表露無遺。


GReddy Performance Damper TYPE - S

Available for front strut equipped vehicles only. The upper mounts are constructed from 10mm anodized aluminium for extra durability and strength. Camber setting has never been easier with our adjustable camber scales in degrees.
NOTE: As pillow ball setups are susceptible to wear and tear, we also offer replacement pillow balls as repair parts.

For non-front strut vehicles we offer the reinforced upper mount type. The 33mm thick rubber mount provides a smoother ride while improving the control and feel of your vehicle. The upper plate is constructed from anodized aluminium.
Performance Dampers for non-front strut vehicles are equipped with a lightweight aluminium bracket.
Spring material consists of lightweight SAE9254 to ensure maximum durability and a longer stroke length. Rear Performance Dampers contain a 250mm variable spring (some models do not apply) which helps to keep a long rebound stroke. This maintains stable cornering and traction even in wet road conditions.
All rear Performance Dampers contain extended control cables that enable you to adjust the damping force at ease. The 6.5Φ cables are designed to be located on the rear speaker board. This will allow you to adjust the rear damping force inside of the vehicle.


Sub-Com vs ROM-TUNE
HKS F-CON iS破解封印
其實除歐洲車之外不少新款日本車的ECU本身亦具有很強的自我保護功能,一般的Sub-Com亦不易作出改動,而去年才推出的HKS F-CON iS則針對現今新型車輛的自我保護性,與舊品F-CON SZ比較下F-CON iS除運算效率更高之外,並加入具自我學習機能的Feedback功能,針對ECU的自我保護性作出破解,從而修正點火時間、供油量等的設定。

H & R Trak Wheel Spacers


Go Wide with TRAK+ Wheel Spacers
Hubcentric, precision engineered, unrivaled fit and finish
Hard anodized aluminum/magnesium alloy for high strength
Widths from 5mm to 65mm available for perfect spacing
Lower vehicle roll center and widen track for improved handling and safety
Convert vehicle bolt pattern with TRAK+ Wheel Adpaters
If you've ever seen a sleek, European sedan with that oh-so-low street stance and a bulging wheel/ tire combo that just barely tucked under the wheel wells, chances are that car was fitted with H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers. TRAK+ wheel spacers move the wheel out from the hub, effectively widening the stance of the vehicle and lowering its roll center. This simple modification increases lateral stability, which in turn provides improved handling, greater safety and of course, the sleek style you've been looking for.

TRAK+ wheel spacers are made from a proprietary aluminum/magnesium alloy which is not only incredibly strong, but also very light weight (up to 70% lighter than a comparable steel product). TRAK+ wheel spacers are then hard anodized to ensure a tough, durable finish that is resistant to chipping, scratching and oxidation. Hub centric for the highest level of accuracy, TRAK+ wheel spacers are 100% made in Germany under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards, and meet the rigid safety criteria of the German TÜV.

Whether you want improved handling, increased safety or simply want your car to make a statement about your individual style, TRAK+ wheel spacers can help you accomplish your goal.

Click here to learn how to measure your wheel gap for H&R Track+ Wheel Spacers.

Brembo Brake

World leader in braking technology

Brembo is the only brake manufacturer to meet and exceed stringent performance and durability demands of the world's leading automotive manufacturers like Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche and the world's fastest race teams participating to Formula1, NASCAR, World Rally, American Le Mans Championships. Brembo offers a wide range of vehicle specific brake upgrades that are designed for .

Brembo Gran Turismo, Turismo and Sport brake systems will improve the performance and styling of your vehicle.

Click on the pictures below to find out more on our brake upgrades.

International Motor Show

Ferrari F430
Scuderia Unveiled by MichFrankfurt is not a big auto show for the aftermarket tuners, mostly because it is just so large for the OEMs. A small tuner would certainly get lost amidst all the brand new OEM creations. Here are just a few unveiled at Frankfurt:

Lamborghini Reventon Frankfurt International Motor Show
Frankfurt, Germany
September 11, 2007

Story Colum Wood Photos Joost Demuynck
Only 20 will be made which might be a good thing because we're not sure Lamborghini could sell many more. Especially considering they are asking well over a million dollars for each car. The extreme styling is based off of the F-22 Raptor fighter jet. Disappointingly the horsepower increase is minimal, with 20 extra ponies being added for a total of 660 hp. This does, however, make for a 0-60 sprint in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 211 mph! On the plus side, the Alcantara interior is very impressive!

Ferrari F430
Scuderia Unveiled by Michael Schumacher the new light-weight F430 weights 220 lbs less than the regular F430 for a total weight of 2,756 lbs. It also gains a few horses for a grand total of 510 hp! The design has changed slightly to add more sharp edges and it looks just fantastic.
ael Schumacher the new light-weight F430 weights 220 lbs less than the regular F430 for a total weight of 2,756 lbs. It also gains a few horses for a grand total of 510 hp! The design has changed slightly to add more sharp edges and it looks just fantastic.

Porsche GT2
A solid step up from the Turbo, the new 997 GT2 makes 530 hp and 501 ft-lbs of torque – proving those VTG turbos had more power in them. Zero-60 times are expected to be somewhere around 3.6 seconds and the GT2 will be the first 911 with a top speed of over 200 mph – 204 mph to be exact.

There's not much we can say about the new V8 powered M3 that you haven't already heard. We'll tell you more once we drive it.

Audi RS6
It may just be for the European market for now but we expect this 572 hp twin turbo 5.2L V10 will make its way across the pond. Even if it's just the engine (and it happens to be in the Audi R8).

Modified Vehicles
There were still a few very interesting modified vehicles on display including a Rolls-Royce Phantom and Aston Martin V8 Vantage from Mansory, a CL65 from Carlsson and a matte black F430 from Novitec Rosso. Novitec also brought out their brand new package for the 599. Be sure to pick up the January/February issue of Modified Luxury & Exotics for more in depth coverage on the OEM cars and the modified cars in particular

Performer X Intake Manifolds

Available in both Natural and Polished finishes
The Performer X intake manifolds for Acura and Honda's are engineered for street/strip applications where peak torque and horsepower gains are realized between 4500-8200 RPM. The larger-than-stock plenum volume and 9" runner length are tuned for producing peak power at high RPM. The Performer X Series manifold is ideal for all-motor and turbo applications. May be upgraded to an eight-injector system by purchasing a secondary fuel rail kit and drilling through the partially machined secondary injector bosses.
(Injectors sold separately) orque and horsepower gains at 4500-8200
Versatile design made for both all motor and turbo applications
Larger than stock plenum with 9" runners
Mates perfectly with an Edelbrock 65mm throttle body for street applications
Includes gaskets, plugs and fittings for a bolt-on installation
Pre-machined secondary injector bosses. Simple drilling operation is required for secondary injectors(Injectors sold separately)

Edelbrock NITROUS Sistems

Edelbrock is known for innovative products, and our new Nitrous Systems are no exception... All Edelbrock Nitrous Systems are dyno-tested and calibrated to deliver accurate and safe horsepower gains with even distribution to each cylinder. Our nitrous calibrations are determined through dyno-testing, not simple mathematical formulas, which do not take into account real-world variables. Available from 50 to 500+ horsepower, Edelbrock Nitrous Systems and components are the quickest and easiest way to get large horsepower increases with a minimum of engine modifications and expense. With the Performer and Performer RPM Line of Nitrous Systems, you get a 50 to 250 horsepower increase at the flip of a switch with an installation time of approximately 4 hours. New Performer RPM II systems include high-flow solenoids and stainless steel spray bars for 400+ hp capability. Victor Jr. racing systems produce serious horsepower with jetting supplied from 200 to 400 horsepower. If you want to take it up to the extreme level we have the Edelbrock Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 Direct-Port Nitrous Systems, which yield a huge gain of up to 500+ horsepower! Check out these advanced features.

High-flow bottle valve included: Capable of supporting 500+ HP.
Heavy-gauge siphon tube: Heavier Gauge than Other Brands to Virtually Eliminate Chance of Breakage.
Insulated hinged steel bottle brackets: Allows quick and easy removal of your nitrous bottle. Durable Red Powder-Coated Finish.
Detailed installation instructions: Expert technical support if needed. Toll-Free tech hotline.
Pre-terminated wiring harnesses: Quick and simplified wiring with color-coded harness, longer leads?No need to splice wires. Includes heavy-duty relay and covered fuse holder for better corrosion resistance.
Braided stainless steel Teflon?feed lines: Easier to install than hard lines
Precision CNC-MACHINED stainless steel nitrous and fuel solenoids: Flow matched to the horsepower range of Edelbrock Nitrous Systems, fully repairable and serviceable. Durable Teflon?plunger withstands seal expansion. Precision-Machined inlet and outlet ports for positive fitting seals. Grommeted wire exits on coil housings. Powder-coated finish for great looks and maximum durability
CNC-MACHINED stainless steel jets: Won't erode like brass jets. Maintains dimensions for accurate gains. Compatible with most other nitrous systems.

Mitsubishi.Evo9 ARC

Once the Monster engine was dropped in it was up to ARC to fit their own products. To help the engine breather better an ARC Induction Box, which has the job of lowering intake temperature, was installed. Once the air has been squeezed by the TD05 it is passed to the ARC intercooler, which has been designed to maximize cooling without losing throttle response, which is generally what happens when large core intercoolers are used. A special titanium intercooler piping kit was added which features a cooling plate to further lower intake temperatures. This specific part has just hit the stores in Japan. Keeping the engine lifeblood cool is a side-mounted ARC oil cooler kit and a large core radiator. This is joined by the newest product to join the ARC range, their radiator valve system. This effectively takes care of venting the radiator in a far more precise fashion, and unlike regular radiator caps it can be adjusted to different pressures. Another new product is the hard piping for the radiator as well as an air-separator tank system. ARC went all out in trying to finish their engine bay to a show-car standard and parts like the sleek radiator top mounts and the engine cover make this one of the best looking and more colorful engine bays we have ever seen! To take a closer look at the ARC 憄iece-de-r閟istance?of this EVO 9 MR, we had to put the car on a hoist and take a close look underneath. Once you stop undressing the dual, twin-exit full-titanium exhaust system with your eyes and get up close and see the overall quality of workmanship, you really appreciate this company抯 skills when it comes to creating custom parts ?just look at those motorcycle-inspired rear silencers!