GReddy Performance Damper TYPE - S

Available for front strut equipped vehicles only. The upper mounts are constructed from 10mm anodized aluminium for extra durability and strength. Camber setting has never been easier with our adjustable camber scales in degrees.
NOTE: As pillow ball setups are susceptible to wear and tear, we also offer replacement pillow balls as repair parts.

For non-front strut vehicles we offer the reinforced upper mount type. The 33mm thick rubber mount provides a smoother ride while improving the control and feel of your vehicle. The upper plate is constructed from anodized aluminium.
Performance Dampers for non-front strut vehicles are equipped with a lightweight aluminium bracket.
Spring material consists of lightweight SAE9254 to ensure maximum durability and a longer stroke length. Rear Performance Dampers contain a 250mm variable spring (some models do not apply) which helps to keep a long rebound stroke. This maintains stable cornering and traction even in wet road conditions.
All rear Performance Dampers contain extended control cables that enable you to adjust the damping force at ease. The 6.5Φ cables are designed to be located on the rear speaker board. This will allow you to adjust the rear damping force inside of the vehicle.